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Technology in the Class

Do your students have what it takes to be successful in the workplace? Will your students be ready for the workforce or further study when they finish school? Will they have the computer skills essential to getting a job and building a career? Being a certified user of Microsoft, Adobe or Autodesk software can make all the difference in being prepared for prosperous futures.

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Dual Qualifications

Did you know that innovative, flexible licensing options mean your campus can now offer top industry certifications, including Microsoft Office Specialist, Adobe Certified Associate and Autodesk Certified User? With a campus licence TAFEs can conduct testing on a site-by-site basis across multiple campuses. Get your students certified so they can get noticed!

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Guaranteed Learning

Universities have the power to enrich core learning activities across the degree curriculums by providing students with access to internationally recognised certifications from Microsoft, HP, Adobe and Autodesk. This ensures that students have developed independently validated expertise in essential computing technologies aligned to their career pathway.

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Building a Better Business

178611464Hiring and retaining effective and productive employees is a quintessential challenge for HR managers.  Microsoft Office is used on 94% of all business computers, yet that the majority of users are using less than 20% of the available functionality.  Learn more about the impact certification can have on employee productivity and hiring effectiveness.


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Gain a Competitive Advantage

462412639If you are an individual who is preparing for today’s competitive workforce, using productivity and technology certification programs is an essential part of your job placement and career potential. IC Central provides custom training services, tailored learning solutions and strategies to help you prepare for almost any business environment.


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News & Updates

2015 Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship

The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) World Championship is a chance for students aged 13-22 to show off their Microsoft Office Word, Excel and PowerPoint skills. Not only are they adding an internationally recognised certification to their resumés, but by also...

2015 Adobe Certified Associate World Championship

The Adobe Certified Associate (ACA) World Championship is a chance for students aged 13-22  to stand out from the crowd and prove their Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and/or InDesign skills. By achieving a high score on your certification exam, and submitting samples of...

Adobe launches new Workshops on Education Exchange

As part of the Adobe Certified Associate program, Adobe has developed a series of new workshops on their Education Exchange. Photoshop – http://edex.adobe.com/professional-development/workshop/-photoshop/ Premiere Pro...

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